It is no secret that entrepreneurial activity in South Africa has been oppressed by numerous large economic factors in South Africa such as poverty and the lack of business education. Some entrepreneurs rise up through these circumstances and launch their business anyway, just to realise, that now they have new hurdles which are obstructing them to enter the formal marketplace in South Africa. 
CIPC, SARS, Branding, Trademarks and numerous compliance requirements can take months to sort out and costs some entrepreneurs up to R50 000 before they have even sold a single product / service.

Starting out: 
JJ ACCOUNTING & TAX CONSULTANTS recognised that the first roadblock is the Company Registration process at CIPC.
They decided that it would create value to assist entrepreneurs with this process and therefore started to do these registrations on behalf of entrepreneurs (online). 
Through an application process on their website they started to register CC’s (now Pty’s) at CIPC.
Over the past year, this company has shifted their focus to ‘Start-Up Packages for Entrepreneurs’ instead of Company Registrations only.
To compete in a competitive marketplace, a new company needs at least the ‘basics’ in place before launching.
The team are currently serving a lot of local clients monthly – and everything is done online from their offices in Durban.

The CIPC system has recently been overloaded with company registrations. 
This left many entrepreneurs waiting for a month or longer to receive their much needed start-up documentation, especially if they want to register their company with a name. has streamlined and personalized this process online, enabling an aspiring new company owner to have all his/her required documentation within 4-7 days. 
Backlogs, due to technical problems at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC, previously CIPRO), have been an on-going problem over the last decade. 
These backlogs – which have delayed new company registrations for up to one month or longer in the past – caused much frustration for South Africans looking to start-up their new business concepts quickly, while the window of opportunity is still lurking. has created an online system which has been a breakthrough in the company registration services industry.
Their system, which streamlines the necessary processes online, enables a successful company registration (with a new company name) within 4-7 days. 
Each client receives a dedicated consultant who takes care of their specific company registration, and who they can contact if they have any questions. 
The easy online process involves minimum hassles and paperwork.